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Guitar Ministries' guitars in use in Mozambique, Africa

Helpful Hints and Suggestions

  1. Changing Strings: After installing a new string, gently stretch the string to pull out any slack. Tune the string up slightly, and stretch it again. Keep doing this until the same note is obtained after stretching it. Do this to each string, and then tune to pitch, and you will find the guitar stays in tune much better. Be careful not to overtighten the string, and be careful not to pull so hard that you break the string - just steadily and slightly stretch the string to remove the slippage.
  2. Try to keep your guitar in the case when not in use. This will help keep it from drying out in dry and arid conditions, and will help it keep from getting to saturated with moisture in high humidity.
  3. In extremely dry and arid climates. it is recommended that you humidify your guitar while it is in the case. Send us an email if you live in such a climate, and we will give your our recommendations.
  4. When tuning the guitar, always tune "up" to the note. If you loosen the string to obtain the correct pitch, the string will quickly come out of tune, since the tuner gears will have less pressure on them. So, get flat of the pitch, or below the proper pitch, and tune up to the proper pitch.
  5. Try to find a friend or mentor to pick with who is better than you. Always try to jam and pick with better players. This way you can learn from them and "steal some licks." You'll find that this is how most players get better. They are always eager to learn new tricks and ideas from the better players.
  6. Challenge yourself and try to play the harder, challenging pieces. We all can fall into the trap of picking up the guitar at home, and playing the same easy tunes. If you hear some piece that interests you, and it is challenging, learn how to play it. Always challenge and push yourself.