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Tommy Emmanuel, one of the world's greatest guitarists, talks about supporting Guitar Dreamers and Carlton Jones of Guitar Ministries.

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Welcome to Guitar Ministries

Missionaries and ministers from all over the world have told us how vital an instrument the guitar has become in assisting them in praise and worship music. The portability and universal acceptance of the guitar makes it the ideal instrument to be used on the mission field. Our goal at is to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing quality guitars to missionaries worldwide, free of charge.

Guitar Dreamers Concert Series

Guitar Dreamers is the public face of Guitar Ministries and as such we sponsor a variety of heralded musical talents who offer portions of their revenues back to us in support of our ministry. We bring to town the incredible talents of Tommy Emmanuel, Richard Smith, Doyle Dykes and many of Nashville's finest. There's always another concert on the horizon and you can always come here to purchase tickets and support our efforts:

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Let Us Hear From You!

Send us an email if:

  • You would like to apply for one of our guitars send us the details of your ministry, your supporting organization, phone and email. Give us some brief details on why you need a guitar.
  • You would like to support our ministry.
  • You would like our advice on any subject related to the guitar, amplification, and praise and worship music leading.

Send the email to

At this site, we offer two opportunities to you. First, an opportunity for you to make us aware of your ministry, and your need for a quality guitar. Provisions are made on our site for you to send us an email, and give us the details of your ministry, and your need.

Also, we provide an opportunity for those of you who want to contribute to his ministry to do so. Our pledge to you is that any funds donated to this ministry, will be used to purchase quality guitars, and place them in the hands of Christian workers that we have screened and feel have a legitimate need. Our guitars are of various brands that we purchase through a special wholesale distributor. Many of them are factory refurbished guitars, which enables us to get the best value for the funds donated. They come to us here at GuitarMinistries, and we "set them up" with new strings, adjust the action, and put needed accessories with them before sending them to the field.



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Guitar Ministries provides quality guitars to missionaries, churches and organizations worldwide, free of charge.

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